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Saturday, March 17th 2007

9:31 PM


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First thing to see in participating the sweeps or contest is to know if your country is listed or not.If the answer is none dont waste your time in that website move to other. . Before participating in any contest decide if you can control your heart after losing. . Before participating in sweeps or contest,look if you are participating in a legit website.You can do that by searching in different forums,searching in Search engines,Seach different blogs.Look at the previous paying records,if they posted the paid persons name try to contact them. . Be carefull in especially those websites where there is an entry fees for participating in contests. . Also participate in those contest in which you think you are interested & know something about that,it will increase your confidence,but if you are trying to jump into every contest,it will distrub your mind & you will not be able to give good time & apply you tricks which will result in degeration of confidence level. . Subscibe to some of the ezine which sent weekly,monthly or quartely articles of new coming & legit sweeps & contest.
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Monday, December 20th 2004

10:46 PM

Welcome to Tassawar's Web Journal.

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Welcome to the Tassawar's Blog .Here you will find different topic about the business.You will find some of the useful tip,suggestions,reviews of different business website & much more in the blog.Also you will find here some of the useful resources that will help enhancing your business.

Enjoy you stay here.

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